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Spongebob Best Day Ever Game

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Spongebob Best Day Ever Game Information

Game Description:
Help our friend SpongeBob stage the greatest show on the sea floor in Spongebob The Best Day Ever game! SpongeBob has limited funds to set up the stages for his show and misplaced boxed decrease his funds. Guide Patrick towards where the box is needed. But don't mix him up with two opposite calls or Patrick could fumble! Move stuff out of Patrick's way so he won't trip and drop the box.

How to Play:
Use the arrow keys to guide Patrick towards where the box is needed
Press space-bar to let him put down the box
Press M to cheer Patrick up
Spongebob Best Day Ever
Game Category: Kids Games
Submission Date: 2012-05-21
Auther or Sponsor: Nickelodeon
Game Rating: 3.6 out of 5 based on 228 votes
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