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Are you a game developer? If you made an original, addictive flash game and you would like to host or sponsor your game here at, please read the following:


  1. Please add our Logo to your game, and link it to our site.
  2. Make sure your game does not include one of the following:
    • Gambling or casino content.
    • Nudity, sexual, or pornographic content.
  3. Your game must has the ability to play it off-line.
  4. Your game must not load unnecessary pages or generates pop-up pages into user browser.
  5. If your game has High Score system please include that in your message.


  • Thousands of players will see and play your game.
  • Any one can embed the game swf from our server and play it on other sites.

Send your game details to , if your game is accepted we will notify you.

Thank you!