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Save Them Goldfish Game

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Save Them Goldfish Game Information

Game Description:
This a good bit of fun. Try to save the goldfish as your roommate tries to cook them.

Your roommate begins his onslaught of animal cruelty by grabbing a goldfish from your fishbowl and tossing him into a hot skillet.

As your goldfish flops around in pain, he becomes hotter and hotter... and more red in color.

it's up to you to save him before he becomes so hot that he's cooked to a crisp!

How to Play:
Use your MOUSE to move your hand over the flopping goldfish, then click and hold the mouse button to grab him from the clutches of certain death.
Save Them Goldfish
Game Category: Funny Games
Submission Date: 2011-04-28
Auther or Sponsor:
Game Rating: 3.9 out of 5 based on 61 votes
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