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Uno Online Game

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Uno Online Game Information

Game Description:
The goal of this popular card game (UNO) is to get rid of your cards before your opponents do. When you have only one card left, don't forget to hit the UNO button!

How to Play:
Game Objectives

UNO is played in three rounds. Try to get rid of all the cards in your hand before your opponents. When it is your turn, try to match the card on the discard pile, either by number, color, or symbol.

Pass Button

If you don't want to play the card picked up using the draw card button, you can press the pass button to end your turn without playing any card.

Draw Card

If you don't have a matching card, you must draw a card from the draw pile. If the card that you picked up can be played, you are free to do so in the same round. Otherwise, it's the next player's turn.

Uno Button

When you only have one card left, you must press the UNO button. Failure to do this results in having to pick up 2 cards from the draw pile.
Uno Online
Game Name: Uno Online
Game Category: Card Games
Submission Date: 2017-08-23
Auther or Sponsor: Mattel
Game Rating: 4.8 out of 5 based on 45 votes
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