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3D Furious Driver Game

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3D Furious Driver Game Information

Game Description:
Do you like to play online 3D driving games? They are free and offer loads of fun for those who enjoy the free car games that are all over the internet. 3D Furious Driver is one of coolest games that you'll come across: you get to drive your virtual car in a 3D environment and in order to finish the game, you'll have to pay attention to the requirements of each level.
A great feature that this free 3D driving game has, is the list of achievements that you can complete while playing. There are some optional ones that you can complete in any of the 4 levels or when you finish the game. And there are some mini-quests that exist for every individual level. In the first level you'll have to complete two of these missions in order to unlock the second level; in the second level you'll find 3 missions available, and so on and so forth.

3D Furious Driver also offers you the ability to upgrade your car. With the money that you collect in the levels, you can improve your top speed, acceleration, handling and braking abilities. But while you drive, you don't just collect money, but also some time items that you'll find to be important if you want to complete the four given levels.

The game proposes a realistic approach and thus the view of the game tries to imitate what a real driver can see from behind the wheel. At first you might find the view of this zombie driving game a bit weird, but after a little while you'll get used to it.

Overall, 3D Furious Driver is a hot driving game that is definitely worth trying. It's got nice cars, good graphics and a complex game play. Play it as many times as you want, share it with your friends and also you are most welcome to try our other free 3D racing game.

How to Play:
Arrow keys to drive.
3D Furious Driver
Game Category: Car Games
Submission Date: 2011-12-22
Auther or Sponsor: Car Titans
Game Rating: 4.1 out of 5 based on 73 votes
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